February, 2012


We've started a KICKSTARTER campaign to raise money to publish OPERATION PAJAMA PANTS in a full color hardcover edition.

Every dollar helps make this a reality, so give what you can, even if it's not much. We appreciate every pledge we get.

Thanks, and check out the page by clicking the widget to the right!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a fund raising website for creative projects, where people donate money to a project and in return they get rewards, in this case copies of the book and other paraphernalia related to the comic. The way the site works is you set a monetary goal (in my case $8,000) and if you reach or exceed that goal in donations you get the money, if you fall short of the goal you get nothing. That's why your help is so important. Everything helpsl. I recommend the $40 level, as that gets you an actual copy of the book, but anything you can do to help, even if it's just 5 bucks, or even 1 dollar, helps get closer to that goal. $1 is better than $0.

Updated February, 2012

Upcoming Conventions!!

September, 2011

New Releases!

There's always new at Fake McCoy! Well... There's sometimes new. It happens. Could happen more frequently but it happens.

Like how about new SIDEKICKED! / OPERATION PAJAMA PANTS??? Or what about a new CHRIS WNUK: SECRET JEW collection? Yup! These things happened.

So check 'em out. They be cool and stuff!

August 13, 2010

New Comics at Baltimore!

Debuting August 28th at the Baltimore Comic-con are brand new comics from all the Fake McCoy crew! Cory Harris and Ziggy Blumenthal bring the next issue of their flip-book action comedy extravaganza, SIDEKICKED! / OPERATION PAJAMA PANTS.

In SIDEKICKED! #4, we see what happens when the Sidekicks-Turned-Heroes have to face off against some octogenarian baddies without the aide of their Mentors-Turned-Lackeys. Then in OPERATION PAJAMA PANTS #3... well... lots of babies get punched. Can't go wrong with that, right?

Plus as usual, Ziggy and Brad will be doing dirt cheap sketches while Cory does nothing. SHOULD BE A GOOD ONE! See you all there!

.April 03, 2010

Fake McCoy Joins Free Comic Book Day!

For the first time ever! FUNNYBOOKS supreme commander Funny Steve teams with FUNNYBOOKS’ first customer ever, ZIGGY, to produce a special FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comic.

ACTION PICKLE KINGDOM teams Funny Steve’s ACROBOT and SPARKINATOR with ZIGGY’S BLOOD PICKLE against the characters PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY – who were co-created by Steve and Ziggy in the early days of FUNNYBOOKS!

FUNNY STEVE writes the special FUNNY-FREEBIE while ZIGGY provides the spiffy artwork. This is one FREE COMIC BOOK DAY COMIC that you WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE but FUNNYBOOKS, and makes FUNNYBOOKS the only place to be on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY WEEKEND 2010!


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